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MMIC's Role With the CEVA Libya Consortium

MMIC is a proud member of the CEVA Libya Consortium which is dedicated to bringing advanced healthcare solutions to people all around the world.  MMIC's current role in the CEVA Libya Consortium is to provide rapid response hospitals (RRH) for the people of Libya.  MMIC brings a wealth of experience in delivering a broad spectrum of similar solutions and services to meet the needs of people around the world.  Some examples of MMIC's experience are provided below.

Joplin, Missouri, United States Rapid Response Hospital (RRH)

The design and build of a 60-bed hospital was contracted to replace the tornado-destroyed Mercy St. John's Hospital in Joplin, Missouri.  This RRH integrated MMIC's world class Mobile Surgery Units™ (MSUs) and other diagnostic facilities with a clever array of state-of-the-art foam core modular buildings.  The entire RRH system was up and running in only a few months and remained in operation while a new permanent hospital was built.  In the RRH, all patient and staff functions were comfortably and safely accommodated.  The entire system was acclaimed by governmental and public officials for the system's capability to be rapidly deployed with United States standards of care.

United States Veterans' Administration Hospital System, MMIC Mobile Surgery Units™ and Synchronized Modular Buildings

When VA Medical Centers plan operating room refurbishments or capacity build-out, MMIC's MSUs have been brought in adjacent to ™the existing hospitals to fulfill the role of OR suites for surgeons, patients and staff.  The innovative connectivity between the existing hospital and the MSUs has ensured a totally seamless patient experience.  The full spectrum of surgical procedures has been performed in MMIC's MSUs.  A recent example of this application was the deployment of five MSUs and a Mobile Staff Unit to the Miami, Florida VA Medical Center for three years in support of the total renovation of their ORs. 

ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital

ORBIS travels the world in a DC-10 aircraft treating blindness and educating physicians.  With a fully contained hospital system on board the aircraft, surgeons and staff perform surgeries in many countries of the world.  ORBIS contracted MMIC to design and manufacture the next generation set of hospital modules for outfitting the new MD-10 aircraft for the ORBIS mission.  This design and build of customized modules is unique in the world of medical aviation and represents state-of-the-art processes and configurations.  The roll-on, roll-off medical modules are integral to achieve ORBIS' global mission to provide United States "Standards of Care" medical care around the world.  This places MMIC at the forefront of innovative design technology.

Royal Oman Police, Oman, Mobile Surgery Unit™ and Mobile Intensive Care Unit™

In the country of Oman, the Royal Police have the responsibility of Disaster Preparedness.  The Royal Police procured from MMIC one Mobile Surgery Unit™ (MSU) and one Mobile Intensive Care Unit™ (MICU) which are integrated into their main hospital in Muscat.  The MSU and MICU have been successfully deployed during disasters associated with cyclones and other disasters in the region.  These units have been in continuous operations since 2007.

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