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Mobile Single Pallet Unit MSPU
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Mobile Single Pallet Unit

The Mobile Single Pallet Unit™ (MSPU) is theatre proven, tactical mobility at its finest.

This highly versatile shelter system is HMMWV towable, sling lift capable and is fully integrated and collectively protected.  The MSPU is operational in less than 10 minutes with four (4) soldiers due to MMIC’s unique approach to total systems integration.

The MSPU is manufactured with:
  • Rapidly deployable 400 ft² air beam shelter
  • Diesel generator with integrated fuel tank
  • Environmental controls for heating and cooling for extreme climates
  • Dual mode NBC filtration (pre-filtration and NBC modes)
At the time of set up, already pre-installed in the air beam shelter are LED lights, electrical distribution cord sets, liner and air plenum. 

The MSPU is the only single pallet position complete system available that has been U.S. Military Standards tested and approved and Collective Protection certified.  When critical mission response requires a theatre proven, robust solution, the MSPU is an exceptional equipment set for use as a command post, battalion aide station, forward surgical unit or general purpose shelter.

Domestically and internationally, the MSPU provides rapid deployability and dependability for mission critical response times. For more information on user feedback or to receive a quotation, please contact our Military Sales department.

"The Mobile Single Pallet Unit saves lives."

Mobile Single Pallet Unit
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