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Private & Public Hospitals

MMIC has provided on-site surgical and endoscopic services for many private, public and government hospital facilities.  This has been possible because of MMIC's efforts to ensure that its units meet U.S. standards of care.  MMIC's units are state licensable, CMS (Medicare) certifiable and The Joint Commission accreditable.  An additional level of unit certification in the State of California by the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development  (OSHPD) was also achieved by MMIC.  Mobile units delivering on-site surgical services have been granted the right to do so through the legislative efforts of MMIC resulting in the implementation of Policy Intent Notice (PIN) 34.  

Sabine Medical Center, Many, Louisiana
A small, rural hospital, Sabine Medical Center was the first hospital to use MMIC's Mobile Surgery Unit™ to augment their surgical needs during an upgrade of their operating room's heating, ventilating and air conditioning system.  This was the only operating room in a large geographic area in Central Louisiana.  The MSU provided much needed emergency support for the population of the surrounding towns throughout the renovation effort.  The physicians who used the unit praised MMIC for ensuring that their patients received the best care possible during the renovation period and even stated publicly that the Mobile Surgery Unit™ operating room was better than their renovated facility.  Without a Mobile Surgery Unit™ on-site at their time of need, patients lives would have been at risk.

Danville Regional Medical Center, Danville, Virginia
MMIC was contacted to provide a similar service for Danville Regional Medical Center.  Heating, ventilating and air conditioning is an important aspect of any hospital's code compliancy, therefore having an on-site surgery solution while such an important system is being upgraded is very valuable.  During the period of use at Danville Regional Medical Center, a tornado approached very close to the area where the Mobile Surgery Unit™ was being used.  MMIC and hospital personnel were very pleased and impressed with the stability of the unit during such adverse weather conditions.  MMIC's units have persevered through many weather extremes since this initial test.

San Ramon Regional Medical Center, San Ramon, California

San Ramon Regional Medical Center, a small hospital in North Central California, wanted to expand surgical services, but needed to shut down one of its operating rooms in order to do so.  In order to maintain services they sought an on-site solution and identified MMIC as the company with the right product to provide sustainability.  Initially physicians were concerned that providing surgery for their patients in a "trailer" would be providing sub-standard care.  The Director of Surgical Services addressed their concerns by hosting an "open house" for the physicians which illustrated that the Mobile Surgery Unit was set up very much like their current operating rooms.  In addition, physicians were impressed that the Mobile Surgery Unit provided the added benefit of protecting their patients from the risk of infection since they would not be exposed to construction dust while utilizing the Mobile Surgery Unit™.  In 2000 Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla, California and more recently in 2007 the San Diego Naval Hospital have publicized battles with infectious mold as the result of build-up in ventilation ducts that can be shaken loose and infect patients during renovations (refer to downloadable articles).  The Mobile Surgery Unit™ was so highly regarded during the hospital's expansion that the Director of Surgical Services had her own procedures performed in the unit.

Washington Hospital, Fremont, California
Washington Hospital required on-site surgical services during a major operating room renovation.  The Mobile Surgery Unit™ provided on-site surgical services predominantly for orthopedic cases, primarily joint replacement.  Surgeons enjoyed using the mobile unit so much, Washington Hospital extended their lease ultimately using the unit for three and a half years.

University of Virginia Medical Center, Charlottesville, Virginia
A capital renovation program prompted University of Virginia Medical Center (UVA) to seek out an on-site surgical solution.  Two Mobile Surgery Units™ were required during the renovation period to maintain surgical capacity during the expansion from 19 operating rooms to 24.  Ultimately UVA's goal was to grow the capacity during the renovation period.  The mobile operating rooms proved to be similar in size to UVA's existing operating rooms and were selected as the perfect solution to meet surgical needs during the more than four year construction period.  The Director of Perioperative Services said the two mobile units were the busiest and enjoyed the highest throughput of any of their fixed operating rooms.

Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Santa Rosa, California
An operating room renovation project prompted Kaiser Permanente to seek out an on-site surgical solution provided by MMIC.  A Mobile Surgery Unit™ in a stand-alone configuration essentially operated as an ambulatory surgery center during the 18-month renovation period.

South East Alaska Regional Health Consortium, Sitka, Alaska
Mount Edgecumbe Hospital located in Sitka, Alaska, a part of the South East Alaska Regional Health Consortium, provided MMIC with a unique challenge when they sought an on-site surgical solution during the renovation of their heating, ventilating and air conditioning system.  For the first time a Mobile Surgery Unit™ would be delivered to a domestic customer via ship.  The challenge was met and hospital personnel were pleased that they could continue to perform surgery during the renovation period.  Regardless of the location, MMIC managed all of the logistics and made it an easy solution.

Shriners Hospitals for Children, Honolulu, Hawaii
Experience transporting a Mobile Surgery Unit™ via ship convinced  Shriners Hospitals for Children that MMIC could meet their on-site surgical needs during renovation of their Honolulu, Hawaii facility.  Children requiring surgery during the three-year renovation received the care they needed and the Shriners maintained their philanthropic mission to needy families.

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